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Optimal packaging with professional and durable strapping machines from Azstrap

Would you like to pack your packages and pallet goods flexibly and securely with strapping ? At Azstrap you get the right strapping machines that are specifically geared to the needs of logistics goods processing. In addition to belt machines for rather small packages, we also have devices for large-scale industry on offer. We are your partner in the warehouse, shipping or logistics and know the demands you place on the products. For this reason, we only offer high-quality, professional package and pallet strappers that more than meet your quality requirements.

Supplementary Services

Strapping Machines

We stock an array of strapping tools & machines varying from light and heavy duty, to turnkey project machinery. We offer a full range of fully automatic, automatic, and semi-automatic strapping machines.

Void Fill & Protective Packaging

Make your very own void fill and protective packaging on site. This is a cost effective solution to save space.

Carton Taping

A very cost effective alternative even for relatively small users of carton tape. All types of tape from basic clear to specialised printed tapes can be applied with our carton tapers.

Pallet Wrapping

Our pallet wrappers are well recognised in many and varied end of line packing environments. They are robust and dependable machines that will never let you down. The Machine has a manual or automatic mode of operation; it offers various speeds at which pallets can be wrapped.

Shrink Systems

We stock a wide-range of shrink systems. This is our speciality machinery, we promise that you will not leave this site without finding a system to suit your needs.

Vacuum Packing

Takes out all the air from the product and seals it. This process is common for preserving food but is also used for other purposes.

Customers Are Our Top Priority

We offer When you are ready to make your business dreams a reality, it begins with contacting an experienced strapping company to help you begin the process.

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